36 Safety Tattoos for Kids - Dinosaurs

36 Safety Tattoos for Kids - Dinosaurs
36 Safety Tattoos for Kids - Dinosaurs

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36 Personalised Safety Temporary Tattoos for Kids - Dinosaurs

Our safety emergency contact number temporary tattoos help ensure a relaxed family event and peace of mind that you can easily be contacted if one of the kids gets lost in the crowd.

And, the kids love them! 

Just type your mobile phone number in the text field and we'll do the rest. 

The tattoos are 4cm x 3.5cm each.  This size is perfect for the back of the hand, they come with 36 in a pack.

A pack of Personalised Safety Tattoos for kids includes:

- 36 temporary tattoos

Our Tattoos have undergone the Primary Skin Irritation Test (ASTM Method) and have been independently tested to ensure that they comply with the Australian Standards for toys.

Temporary Tattoo Application Instructions

  1. Cut Tattoos as close as possible to each image to achieve the best results. 
  2. Peel off CLEAR plastic sheet from the Tattoo and press firmly onto clean, dry skin with design facing down. 
  3. Hold wet cloth against Tattoo backing and make sure to wet thoroughly. Hold cloth for 30 seconds. 
  4. Slowly slide paper backing off your skin, press down all over with sponge and let dry.
  5. To remove use baby oil or adhesive tape. Your Tattoo can last up to a week if applied properly.
36 Personalised Safety Temporary Tattoos for Kids - Dinosaurs